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The Name

When our daughter was one year old she would pick up her books and pretend to

read saying "OeO.. OeO.. OeO." This interest

in reading is what inspired the name

(OeO) Books!

About Us

- Matthew Ronan, Author & Illustrator -

Matthew Ronan likes telling good stories, helping others tell good stories, and most of all wants his life to be a good story. He is an artist, writer, and content producer who’s worked in film, television, and radio. His credits include projects for Disney/Lucasfilm, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox,

and the Michael Jackson estate.

He lives inSan Francisco with his daughter Catica. 

- Chastidy Ronan, Author -

Chastidy Ronan was an executive director of a family support center, a teacher, a missionary, and a nanny, but the brightest part of her life was being a mom. She taught elementary through college in Ohio, Haiti, China, and San Francisco. She knew 5 languages and always got the most blue ribbons in Toastmasters. She died in 2019 from colon cancer and is survived by her daughter Catica and her husband Matthew.

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